About The Super 100

Education Promotional Society emerged as a non-profit organization in last five years in order to fulfill the educational needs of the devastated and indigenous communities through concertizing target communities about popular education that promotes creative and democratic participation in the movement towards people empowerment.

Some of our Objetives are :
  • 1. Quality Education with industry interface.
  • 2. Effective co-ordination with regulator for employment oriented academic programmes.
  • 3. Exploring globalization opportunities emerging abroad and within the country.
  • 4. Accreditation agency.
  • 5. Setting standards of quality for education.

We Welcome all of you to the world of education. We are here to support all aspirants of education in almost every field

Our Mission & Vision


The mission of "Super 100" is to provide a comprehensive and progressive education that prepares pharmacists to play an active role in providing skilled, ethical, and compassionate patient care that improves the health and quality of life of people.


The vision of the "Super 100" is to achieve excellence in pharmacy education, scholarly research, service to society, Improved Medical Research Techniques and thus improve the healthcare of the Community & our Nation.